Latest Products Latest Products Mon, 26 Sep 2022 15:37:07 +0530 en-us Dry Arc Resistance Tester Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Dry Arc Resistance Tester is designed to conduct high voltage, low current arc Resistance test on solid electrical insulation material as per : ASTM standard D495-99 (2004)-Standard Test method for High - Voltage / Low -Current, Dry Arc Resistance of solid Electrical Insulation" UL 746A ”Testing for electrical properties." This product Is meant for all Insulator/ polymer/ electro plastic manufacturers and appliance manufacturers that use insulators in their products.   Why Arc Resistance Test ? Many Cases of insulator failure are due to deterioration of Its surface because of sustained electrical discharge or Arc. Thls test method Is intended to test the resistance of insulating material when a high -Voltage low -current Arc close to the surface of Insulation, Intending to form a conducting path therein or in causing the material to become conducting due to decomposition and erosion. Advantages This Test ensures that our products meet high standards of quality & safety. This product is meant for all Switchgears/insulator/Polymer/electro plastic manufacturers and manufacturers who use insulators In their products e.g. Wiring Accessories, Appliances, HT/LT line insulators etc. Features : Designed to comply with the requirement of ASTM standard D455-99 & LIL746A. Dedicated PLC system for control of sequence and user friendly. Auto switch off in c,ase Test voltage adjustable 12.5 KV. Key Board with soft keys for entering the testing parameter. Test chamber with DOOR INTERLOCK System to protect user from direct contact of HIGH LCD Display to set test parameters / read test results. Continuously display the voltage & current in calibration mode. Supply voltage 230 V +/- 10 % Supply. Enclosure - Elegant design with Aluminum extruded profile.   Description of the Test : This test Is useful to test the electrical Insulating material by exposing It to Arcing under high voltage. The test specimen is placed under electrodes, spaced at a distance of 6.35mm An Arc is generated between these electrodes. The test consists of 7 Cycles starting from cycle 1. As the cycles progress the test become. progressively severe. The test specimen that have lower insulating strength fall earlier in the first few cycles while those with higher insulating strength sustain higher cycles. The test Is halted when the specimen fails and the time taken from the start of the test till the failure is used for comparing INSULATING STRENGTHS (time In seconds) of various insulating materials. The test specimen may fall by forming a conducting path, by burning Into flames, by melting or any other physical, visual deformities. Test Cycles : The unit is programmed to operate in 7 cycles according to ASTM Standard D495-99 (2004). Each cycle will be for duration of 60 seconds. These cycles are programmed to automatically change to the next cycle after the current cycle duration is completed. At the end of the last cycle the system automatically stops and the entire test results can be read on a LCD Display Meter. Toxicity Chamber Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 The ASIAN Toxicity Chamber is to consist of an airtight enclosure of about 1m³ volume lined with opaque plastic sheeting having a hinged, fitted with a transparent plastic panel.   Some gaseous products of combustion may react with or be absorbed on the walls of the chamber. So the inner wall has the lining of polypropylene and with polycarbonate transparency window is provided. The chamber is fitted with a vacuum pump forced air extraction system, which can be closed at the exit from the chamber when required. The chamber is fitted with sampling positions such that the air tightness of the chamber is   not impaired. The chamber is containing a mixing axial fan inside the chamber at horizontally and centrally inside the chamber at roof level to ensure rapid mixing of combustion products capable of being switched on and off externally. Burner is to be capable of achieving a flame approximately 100 mm in height. The burner is fitted at the center of the chamber. There is a provision is to be made for igniting and extinguishing the burner from out side the chamber. A digital temperature indicator is also mounted for the measurement of temperature of the flame of the burner. The specimen support is an annulus cut from a sheet steel nominal thickness 2 mm of approximately 100 mm overall diameter with a 75 mm diameter hole carrying temperature resistance wires approximately 10 mm apart to form a lattice. The complete assembly is equipped with a non-combustible side support arm to give a tennis racket appearance. This sample holder assembly has the provision of sliding of sample without the leakage of the chamber. There are two flow meters are fitted to the instrument to fine control of the supply of natural gas and air. All the parts are either polished or painted to give the corrosion resistance long life. Note : Gas detection tubes and its pumps are optional which will be supplied at separate order as per customer requirement. Din Abrasion Tester Mon, 23 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 In din method of determine abrasion resistance of vulcanized natural or synthetic, a cylindrical rubber test specimen is abraded against an abrasive surface mounted on a rotating cylindrical drum in such a manner that abrasion takes place on one of the flat ends of the test specimen which is held against the abrasive surface under a specified load while being traversed across it. The ratio of the volume loss of a standard rubber to the volume loss of the test rubber measured under the same conditions, expressed as a percentage, gives the abrasion resistance index of the rubber under test.   The ASIAN Din Abrasion Tester is designed to determine abrasion resistance index of natural and synthetic rubber in accordance with the above principle. It consists of test specimen holder with a cylindrical opening adjustable between 15.5 to 16.3 mm to clamp the test specimen with an arrangement to adjust the length of test specimen protruding out. The holder is mounted by a screw mechanism along a length of a rotating drum on which the abrasive cloth is fixed. The movement to the screw mechanism and drum is given by an electric motor, gearbox and chain mechanism to give the specified speed of rotation to the drum and the specified lateral movement to the test specimen holder. The swivel arm and test specimen holder are so disposed that the test specimen is pressed against the drum under the specified load with its center axis at an inclination of 3 degree to the perpendicular in the direction of rotation and placed above the longitudinal axis of drum. A rack and pinion arrangement to rotate the test specimen about its axis during the test (whenever desired) is also provided.   The abrasive cloth is firmly fixed to the drum using a suitable peel able adhesive with the ends of the abrasive cloth butt jointed together. The equipment is provided with limit switches which, in addition of giving over travel safety to the movement of test holder by preventing the lower edge of the test specimen holder to touch the abrasive cloth.   The equipment is built on rigid steel base and finished in grey metallic and bright chrome / zinc plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish.   Molding die, rotary type cutting die (hollow drill) for preparing test specimens and extra abrasive cloth are available as optional accessories. Bursting Strength Tester Mon, 23 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Bursting strength tester of any material such as fabric, leather, paper etc. Its strength under multi- directional force and is defined, as the hydrostatic pressure required producing rapture of the material when pressure is applied at a controlled increasing rate through a rubber diaphragm.The ASIAN Bursting Strength Tester is designed to find bursting strength of fabric/leather/paper/paper board. A test specimen is held between two annular clamps under sufficient pressure to minimize slippage. The upper clamping surface which is in contact with the test specimens has a continuous spiral grooves. A circular diaphragm of pure gum rubber is clamped between the lower clamping plate & pressure cylinder so that before the diaphragm is stretched by pressure underneath it the center of its upper surface is below the plane of the clamping surface. The equipment is fitted with a motor driven cam mechanism, which increases fluid displacement on the lower side of the diaphragm at a specified rate. The equipment is fitted with an arrangement, which automatically brings down the pressure and stops the motor on completion of the test cycle. A maximum reading type digital pressure gauge gives the bursting pressure.The equipment is raggedly designed to give a long & trouble free life. The components are brighter chrome plated or painted in metallic paint to give the tester an aesthetic appearance. Horizontal Flammability Tester Mon, 23 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 The “ASIAN” Flammability Tester for interior of motor vehicle consists of a stainless steel box. The box has four slits of specified width on the upper part of all sides and the bottom plate has 10 holes of specified diameter. The box have an access window of a heat resistant glass plate in the front, and a door that have a slot that allow U-shaped clamp enter the box, and a hole for passing a hose from a gas burner, on the side. The box is fitted with four legs and the bottom part raised by 10mm. the clamps made of metal of U-shape of a specified dimension. A Bunsen burner of specified dimension is fitted on the bottom of the stainless steel box. The length of flame control with the help of the needle valve. The flame of the burner is automatically controlled with the help digital preset timer and synchronous motor. Universal Testing Machine Mon, 23 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Measuring system consists of microprocessor panel with serial interface software. In fully computerized system, you are dependent on the type of computer used. Our instrument is digital cum computerized model which can be used independently digital instrument as well as computerized instrument   Highlights : System is independent of the type of computer used for communication. On line display of Load/Displacement/extension/Strain rate/Load rate On line Real time graph of load vs. displacement and stress vs. strain Output of 4 graphs for single test run viz. Load vs. Disp., Stress vs. Strain, Load vs. extension with curve tracing/zooming facility. Wide range of output (test results) selection Unit changing facility for different units like N, kN, Kg, T, Mpa Test can be carried out with the help of control panel independently without PC. Still you will get all the results on any printer connected to computer. Print out format as per customer requirement (You have to give details in advance) Tensile Testing Machine Mon, 23 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Tensile strength and elongation are the two prime characteristics of most of the raw materials, whether they are metals: or non-metals: such as rubber, textiles, plastic, paper: or finished products such as zip, rods, wires, ropes, yarns, belts etcetera. These properties very often play the major role in determining the suitability of any raw material for any specific application. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to determine these characteristics accurately, conveniently, and quickly.   The “ASIAN”Tensile Testing Machine provides a relatively inexpensive way for determining the tensile strength and elongation of variety of raw materials. They are based on constant rate of traverse principle in which one end of the test specimen is held in a stationary grip, while the other end is made to move at a known fixed speed with the help of motor, gear box and screw arrangement. The load exerted on the stationary grip is sensed by a load cell and indicated by a digital load indicator. The controller is microprocessor based and has the facility of over load protection, peak hold and auto calibration. There is a socket in the indicator which is connected to the PC. The load directly indicated in kilograms or Newton.   We provide the Window based software which give the different measurement parameter and the graph between load vs elongation. The report can be printed by using proper printer.   The elongation of the test specimen is measured on a digital indicator fixed on the frame of the test, which indicates the distance between the grips.   The variable speed model speed is vary by a knob fixed on the panel and the speed also digitally indicated on the control panel of the instrument or by simply types the speed on the monitor of the computer.   Various built in safety arrangements such as over travel protection, are provided.   The tester is finished in painting, powder coating and bright chrome/zinc plating to give the apparatus a corrosion resistant finish. It is supplied compiled which electrical. Which include micro-, switches. Push buttons and contactors for safe and convenient operation.   A variety of grips suitable for holding different materials are offered as optional accessories. Smoke Visibility Tester Mon, 23 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 The ASIAN Smoke Visibility Tester made of a plywood chamber inner side painted by heat proof paint the ceiling of the chamber have a hole which permit to hold light meter cell while testing. There is a hole in the bottom of the chamber, which is aligning to the ceiling hole. There is a clear glass bulb fitted to the bottom hole. Left-hand side of the chamber has a hole, an exhaust fan fitted to the left hand side hole. Right hand side have hole which permit to flow air at the time of the exhaust of the smoke to the chamber. The front of the chamber has a hinged door, which have a clear glass window on the door. There are shutters on the left hand side and the right hand side hole of the chamber.  The LUX of the bulb control with the help of an electronics regulator fitted in the panel of the instrument. The ceiling hole and the front glass window covered with the black curtain.   The chamber fitted on the section stand. A LUX meter is supplied with the instrument for the measurement of the LUX of the light. There is a aluminium silicate and a stainless steel plate also supplied with the instrument. There is a stainless steel specimen frame tilted at 20o to the vertical and have the provision to hold the specimen and there is provision to slide the specimen frame. There is a burner mount on the bottom of the chamber at an angle of 45o. A flow meter, pressure gauge and pressure regulator are fitted on the section frame for the adjustment of the supply of the gas.   All the parts are painted or polished for the corrosion resistance long life. We will not supply the any gas with the instrument.   Related Standard : UIC code 564-2 OR: appendix15: Test method for determining deterioration of visibility due to smoke released on combustion of materials. Smoke Density Chamber Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 The ASIAN Smoke Density Chamber is constructed essentially, the chamber consist of a 14 gage aluminum box which is hinged a heat resistant glass glazed door. This box is mounted on the base which houses the controls. Dependent upon the materials tested, the metal may require protection from corrosion. The chamber is sealed except for 25 by 30 mm (1 by 9in.) openings on the four sides of the bottom of the chamber. A liters/min specified capacity blower is mounted on one side of the chamber. The inlet duct to the bowler is equipped with a close fitting damper. The outlet of the bowler will be connected through a duct to the laboratory exhaust system. The two sides adjacent to the door are fitted with 70mm (2/3in) diameter smoke tight glazed areas entered 480mm (19/4 in.) above the base. At these locations and out side the chamber, boxes containing the optical equipment and additional controls are attached. A removable white plastic plate is attached to the back of the chamber. There is a clear area centered above the bottom of the chamber. Through which is seen an illuminated white on red exit sign. The white back ground permits observations of the flame, smoke, and burning characteristics of the materials. The viewing of the exit sign helps to correlate visibility and measured values. The specimen holder is supported on a square gage. Stainless steel wire cloth above the base and equidistant from all sides of the chamber. This screen is lying in a stainless steel bezel supported by a rod through the right side of the chamber. From the same rod similar bezel is located below and it is support a square of asbestos paper which catches any particles that may drip from the specimen during the test. By rotating the specimen holder rod, the burning specimen can be quenched in a shallow pan of water positioned below the specimen holder. The specimen is ignited by a propane flame from a burner operating at a specified pressure. The fuel is mixed with air which has been propelled through the burner by the venturi effect of the propane as it passes from small orifice.  The burner is designed to provide adequate outside air. the burner is capable of being positioned quickly under the specimen so that the exit of the burner falls on a line passing through  a point 8mm  above the base at one corner of the chamber extending diagonally across the chamber and sloping up wards at 45 deg with the base. There is a control panel which control and indicate the supply of gas. Lux of light measurement system of the mounted light source also mounted in the instrument. There is a digital timer mounted in the instrument to indicate the time. Sharp Edge Tester Mon, 23 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 The Sharp Edge Tester is used to examine toys in normal use and after reasonable abuse whether exist or produce the danger of cut, belongs to the Toys safety Test Item. Metal shell is durable. The king-size footswitch makes operation more convenient.   Special photoelectric sensor indicates force value function, to assure the test force fix in 1.35 pounds when testing. Avoiding the indicatrix produces error due to the different perspective. Salt Spray Chamber Mon, 23 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 For determining the corrosion of surface coating when exposed to a salt environment. Test can be carried out the samples by spraying salt solution into the chamber. The corrosion rates are expressed as weight loss with time. All the inside parts of the chamber made of FRP sheet and outer made of metallic sheet with proper insulation. Top of the chamber made of transparent acrylic sheet.   Technical Data : Digital PID controller for chamber temperature control Digital PID controller for saturation tank temperature control Digital preset timer for total time control. Digital Humidity indicator Pressure indicator and pressure regulator for air pressure indication and control Air flow meter for control the air supply to the nozzle. Air filter for filtration of air supply to the nozzle. Saturation tank with heater, auto water level controller and pid type temperature controller. Heater with sensor Atomizing nozzles Fog collection device Hanging arrangement withtray as per standard Safety feature water level sensor & thermostat with indicator and buzzer.   As per ASTM B 117 and ISO 9227   Limited Oxygen Index Apparatus Mon, 23 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Oxygen index is defined as minimum concentration of oxygen, expressed as volume percent in a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen that just support flaming combustion of plastic materials under equilibrium condition of candle like burning. The equilibrium is established by the relation between the net lost to the surroundings as measured by either time of burning or length of specimen burned. This point is approached from both sides of the critical oxygen concentration in order to establish the oxygen index.   The “ASIAN” Limited Oxygen Index Apparatus consist of a test chimney made of borosilicate glass (size is 76mm internal diameter & 450mm long) suppurated by the metallic base and hook with the help of the metallic pillar. The mixture of nitrogen and oxygen is released from the bottom of tube. The tube is filled with glass beads for mixing and evenly distributing the gas mixture. The specimen holder, which holds the test specimen, made of U shape and fixed at the center of the chimney. There is the porous screen mounted below the level of the specimen holder, to prevent falling combustion debris from fouling the gas entry and distribution paths. There is a digital temperature indicator cum controller with thermocouple for the measurement and control the temperature within the chimney. A copper tube with suitable orifice for pilot flame is provided for igniting the specimen by inserting it from the top of the test column. The digital preset timer and buzzer is also mount in the instrument.   Two ROTAMETER with needle valve are provided to control and measure oxygen and nitrogen flow in the test chimney. A timer for indicating the time of burning with a reset switch. The rotameter, temperature controller, timer are fitted in the sheet panel. The test chimney is fitted separately on the metallic platform.   Flow Meter (Rotameter) :    10 to 90 cc/sec for Oxygen × 2cc/sec 30 to 270 cc/sec for Nitrogen × 10cc/sec   Note : Item Required By The User For Complete Testing: Oxygen gas, nitrogen gas and LPG cylinders with its regulator and fitting, 220 V single phase power supply (Other Power optional). Melt Flow Index Apparatus Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Melt Flow of thermoplastic material is defined as the rate of flow in grams per ten minutes of extrudate of molten resins through a jet of a specified length and diameter under prescribed conditions of temperature, load & piston position in a cylindrical cavity inside a heated metallic tube barrel at the measurement is being made. The ASIAN Melt Flow Index Apparatus for Plastic consists of a heated extruder tube, an interchangeable jet through which the material under test is extruded, and a piston with dead weights to apply the specified pressure on the material inside the extruder tube. The extruder tube is made from carbon steel and is heated by means of a Bend Heater, which surrounds its outer circumference. A PID controller is provided to indicate & control the temperature of the tube. The tube has a hole parallel to its bore for placing the thermocouple junction. The heater logged with mineral wool insulation. The assembly is fixed on a rigid stand. The bottom of the tube is lagged with a 3 mm thick insulation of PTFE to prevent sticking of the extrudate. The jet through with the extruder is pushed out is made from hardened and ground die steel. It is held at the bottom of the extruder tube. The piston made from silver steel relieved at the upper end is provided to push the extrudate out of the jet. The piston moves inside the cavity of tube. A sleeve to provide to guide the relieved portion of the piston. The top of the piston carries a plate-form for keeping the load on. The plate-form is thermally insulated from the load. The extruder tube assembly is mounted on a metal box. A sheet metal control panel is mounted on the side of the equipment & houses the PID Controller, DIGITAL PRESET TIMER @other electronic components. Cleaning tools for tube cavity and jets & stoppers & cutter for the extrudate are also supplied with the equipments. Glow Wire Test Apparatus Mon, 23 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Glow wire test apparatus is designed and developed to test resistance to flammability of any material. It is checked on the parameter of IEC 60695-2-10 2000-10. Our glow wire test apparatus consists of a nichrome glow wire of 4 mm diameter. This glow wire test apparatus is available in varied technical specifications. This glow wire test apparatus is available in different models and specifications to meet the needs of the application.   Salient Features : Nickel / Chromium based heating element (glow wire) Cr/Al based fine wire based thermocouple for temperature sensing Temperature Range: Adjustable up to 960° centigrade A motorized sliding carrier with an universally adjusted SS perforated tray is provided to mount the specimen Self adjusting constant current mode operation as soon as heater-specimen contact is established Motor brings the jig back to the pre-test position automatically as soon as the test is concluded Fully Automated Panel A favorite of Industry Giants for testing of sockets, circuit breakers, switches and other accessories against flammability Heat Release Rate Testing Machine Mon, 23 Jul 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Specifications : Oxygen analyzer 0-100% - 0.01% FS. Technology Paramagnetic,response time 12 sec. Digital type differential pressure gauge Data collection in ms Software :NI (Labview) Data sampling-1 k/s. Auto report generation after test completion. PC Based control and data acquisition with graph. Auto calculated heat release rate & show in the graph. Cone shape heater of 5 kW Heater shield by the non thermal conductive material. Auto control irradiance that maintain the temperature. Load cell having accuracy ±0.1g. Auto external ignition is generated through 10kV supply. The equipment fallow the ISO 5660-1: 2002 . Non thermal conductive type specimen platform. 5 numbers Sample holder made of stainless steel. 1 hp blower for gas suction. With heat flux meter With calibrated burner Gas sampling system as per standard.